Multitab control ui element?

Hi all, is there a demo or example for how to put ui elements in my project? Namely a multitab control. Thanks!

I don’t think so. Codea isn’t really designed for forms and conventional programming, it is an animation program. People have tried - search for the Cider controls, for example. But I haven’t seen a multitab control that I can remember.

Thanks Ignatz. I wonder if I can simulate on by having a rectangle with like 3 buttons bellow it.

I’m sure you could

@Gib I’m not sure if you’re after something like this, but I shared this a year ago.

For what it’s worth, CiderControls7 has both a SegmentedControl and a TabBar that emulate the matching UI elements in iOS7 UIKit. Don’t know if that’s what you really need, but it’s out there.

Thanks guys! Great community here, I just joined looking to convert from Corona to Codea… I was delighted to find Codea as I enjoy coding in Lua. I am rusty, my life as a developer ended 8 years ago (now an Oracle dba), but always wanted to make games.

@Mark, wow you’ve been busy. From what I understand so far, i would copy and paste your Cider Controls 7( into a new project’s Main. Then do i click the + tab to add a new class, name it Cider 7 and paste in the other?(

@dave1707 thanks Dave, no but that will be useful as well, ty. What I am after is a container above tabs, like a regular tab control. I want if for an rpg game so you can tap to bring up the character sheet (tab1), inventory(tab2), etc. when you click on the tabs attached on the bottom it changes the image/contents of the rectangle above to the appropriate “form” as it where.

I gotta say, Codea seems pretty damn cool! Im on-call and not having a whole lot of time to do much but read over examples and api docs but I think I am in love :slight_smile: Fantastic product so far!!

Yes, we feel that way, too :x