Multiple Sensor Bug?

Hey guys,

Hitting my head against a wall here. I’ve been using the physics engine for a couple months (awesome) and I recently started a new prototype. In this new program I have multiple sensors and objects falling onto / over them. My issue is that I create multiple sensors in a loop but any object crossing over ANY of the sensors will always trigger / appear to be a collision with the very LAST sensor created. It holds true even down to 2 sensors.

I keep staring at my code looking for some reference that is carried through the sensor loop creation but it’s clean. I feel like I ran into some knowledge about tricky sensor behavior a while back but I can’t remember, any idea what is going on?


Ok, further debugging has gotten me to the point where it appears that the multiple sensors all share the same “info” property on their physics body object. That doesn’t seem right to me, is there some bug around this?

I’ll keep analyzing my code to see if I somehow induced this.

Ok, figured it out… I was setting properties ON “info” instead of replacing “info” with my own table. Still a bit surprised about the default behavior. = “boo” – shared across all physics bodies

table.value = “yay” = table – specific to this body