Moving from one ipad to another

Hi. So in upgrading to a new iPad mini 2 in a couple of weeks I have a question about my files on my old iPad 2.

I back up regularly to my computer. When I get my new iPad and restore the back up files and apps to my new iPad, had the back ups saved the working files in Codea too, or do I need to transfer my files to say my Dropbox?

I would assume so

@Majormorgan If you backup you iPad to your computer, and Codea is set to be included in your back ups, then you don’t need to worry about transferring your files to dropbox. You would of course need to restore from that back up. Im not positive if a iPad mini can use a iPad back up but I would guess that I can.

It wouldn’t be a bad I idea to save them to dropbox anyway in case something goes wrong.

All my projects were still in Codea when I loaded my backup from iTunes onto my new iPad. I exported them all to dropbox beforehand just incase though.

This was iPad2 to iPad Mini with Retina display.

I backed up with iCloud but my Codea files were not, despite me selecting it in iCloud backup. Luckily I used iExplorer and just copied the whole Codea directory which was my super-backup, I’d advise that. Works on non-jailbroken devices as well.

Ok cool thanks all.