One thing I would love to see in Codea is support for the MoonScript language.

MoonScript is a concise language that compiles to Lua. It’s the equivalent to CoffeeScript for JavaScript. It’s a bit heretical: for instance, whitespace is significant.

Using CoffeeScript has been a bit of revelation for me in JavaScript (i.e., coding client-side web applications). It ends up being more concise and readable that JavaScript.

I haven’t yet used MoonScript for Lua coding, but it’s very, very close in syntax and spirit to CoffeeScript, which is now turning into one of my favorite languages.

I think concise & readable, in the small amount of space available to write code in Codea, would be a huge win. I suspect changing the editor to make leading whitespace on source lines more visible would not be a huge change.

Intresting… Might not be a bad idea for 1.4

This has got to be an early April fools gag !!!

81 lines of ‘compiled’ Lua code to say

name = “hlship”
print("Hello I am "…name, 100,100)

In my day when you compiled code it converted a high level language to machine code. This is more like an inefficient conversion !!!

Good luck with it - not on my list.


To be honest I don’t see this either. Or at least there’s a mountain of things I’d love to see first. But of course YMMV…

@hlship I quite like MoonScript (and CoffeeScript!). However its reliance on symbols — particularly :, ->, => is what made me decide against it. Lua’s wordiness, while off-putting to some, seemed a natural fit for the hard-to-type symbols on the iPad’s software keyboard.

That said, I have often come back to look at MoonScript. Though at the moment I have no plans regarding the MoonScript syntax.