Moon Phase

I tried to search this but I didn’t find anything. Is it possible to app the real moon phase into your app?

Yes, StackIt does it. Use the weatherlib library. (I think it’s here, but it’s blocked on my school’s network:
Let me know if you need help generating the moon mesh.

@Zoyt would you mind tossing it up on CC? Hard to grab the git from codea.

Im a little confused on what I need to do. @zoyt

Its not usable within Codea, (I think) You need Xcode

Here ya go. Fixed it up to work in Codea. Its all under the table WeatherLib.

Also included the documentation on Types and Functions.

Will this be able to tell me if it is a full moon or a half moon and so on? @Briarfox

Thanks @Briarfox. I’ll post my code that renders the moon too eventually (I’m a bit occupied with finals right now (I know, they’re after break. Awesome, but annoying)). :slight_smile: