Mini game which will test your reaction

I made small game which will test your reaction
Touch screen then you see “SHOOT” and double tap then you win or lose


function setup()
        function(d) loadstring(d)() setup() end,
        function(e) print(e) end

P.s Why pic attachment dont work?

We don’t have your sprites, so for us it’s just a grey background with two black rectangles. Since it’s an installer and we don’t have the code, we can’t replace the sprites with similar ones.

@SkyTheCoder you could easily get the code by following the pastebin link in the installer, tho I agree with you

@lupino8211 it would be easier if you added some code that’d download the images, or if you’d replace the images by included sprites/rectangles

@SkyTheCoder @stevon8er thank you for your comment, how can i download images?

@ignatz thank you alot

@skyTheCoder is game working now?

@lupino8211 Did you update the installer? Nothing has changed for me, not even the code on pastebin in that link.