Memory Haze - In For Review, Source Code Available

Some of you may have seen my page controller class (this one). To really show it off, I decided to make a little demo app. Then I took a bit of extra time to polish it up, and decided to put it on the App Store. Because, why not?

It’s a memory matching game, with all the screens being one page controller.

Here are some pictures:

If any of you are interested, you can sign-up right here to get it via Test Flight. Just sign up (or comment below if you already signed up for 30 Balls) and you’ll be included.

I will also be releasing the source code when it launches, as an example of how it uses my page controller class, how to make a simple grid-based game, as well as how to integrate Game Center, iAds, and iAPs.

EDIT: Source now available for download.

Thanks for reading!

@JakAttak Is there any way to recognize if someone has exited the app using Xcode. If so, you could make it so if you leave the app, it will restart the level.

@JakAttak As you know, I signed up for 30 Balls, so include me.

Can I try it out? I’m also signed up for 30 Balls.

Just pushed it out to you guys. I just put some work into getting a smooth transition from the launch image to the start screen, avoiding the black frame bug. Please let me know if the black frame shows up. Thanks!

I’ll give it a go (I was on 30 Balls as well, if you remember). I’m happy to wait for the next build.

@LoopSpace, I just added you to the current build.

None of my devices are compatible with it, what are the device requirements?

@Doge iOS 7

Signed up iPhone4s 7.1.2 Name is like above

@GriffinC, I added your iPhone.

IAP worked well

I have ios 7 and it says its incompatible

@Doge, weird. I added your iPad, let me know if the problem persists.

It’s fun.

I don’t like the rapid backward trajectory when you get one wrong. I’d rather it were a bit slower, maybe you got two goes at each level before it dropped back to the previous one. Or that it worked by the common “unlocking” strategy for levels: you can try any one you’ve already reached so you can decide if you want to drop down or carry on at the current level.

@JakAttak I signed up with an iPad Air. You can probably guess what my name is :wink:

@LoopSpace, that sounds reasonable. I will make it so when you lose you just try again, and I will add the option to go up or down a level if you’ve unlocked them.

I’ve uploaded the new build now with the following change-log:

  • Fixed Ad covering part of settings screen on 3.5" devices

  • Board is now always at largest size (doesn’t resize when changing levels)

  • When you lose, you retry you don’t go down a level

  • You can switch between all levels you have unlocked (everything you have beat + the next one)

@JakAttak Great game (reminds me of the Lumosity game). One suggestion — this game needs a landscape mode. And also, is there a maximum level?

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