(Maybe) A problem with speech.language

Hello guys!

I’m using speech.language = "en-US" to set up the game`s language to English.

When I run the code on Xcode, I have this message:

2016-01-06 17:55:01.378 AmarganAMobile[2810:1038314] *** WARNING: CFMachPortSetInvalidationCallBack() called on a CFMachPort with a Mach port (0x7703) which does not have any send rights.  This is not going to work.  Callback function: 0x23d5d945
2016-01-06 17:55:01.533 AmarganAMobile[2810:1038314] Stream 0x17d4b0d0 is sending an event before being opened
2016-01-06 17:55:08.666 AmarganAMobile[2810:1038196] ignoring set paused as it has already been set.
2016-01-06 17:55:08.828 AmarganAMobile[2810:1038262] |AXSpeechAssetDownloader|error| ASAssetQuery error fetching results (for com.apple.MobileAsset.MacinTalkVoiceAssets) Error Domain=ASError Code=21 "Unable to copy asset information" UserInfo={NSDescription=Unable to copy asset information}

Obs: My default language is brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)

Any suggestions?