Map Editor

@ zapper , this is amazing, anyway I can see the code for it? (Extremely interested!!! :-bd

The code is already in the dropbox link above. I didn’t include the latest code because it contains game-specific functions. I am also looking for people to help me make maps if you are interested :slight_smile:

Latest development video:

@zapaper you are the Codea grid god!

@zapaper very impressive work!

@zapaper wow!

@zapaper This works really good! You did a great job!

Thanks for all the positive encouragement… I started this thread to help fellow coders. Hope it’s useful. Do drop me a note if u have found this useful in your own game.

@ zapaper Very cool map editor and RPG. Where did you get the game art?

Open Game Art. Most of the assets are licensed under CC and GPL 3 so you have to take that into consideration in your game dev.

@zapaper can we get a reupload of your code shares? I definitely want to check out how you handled the scrolling.

@matkatmusic - if you just want to know how to scroll, I discuss how to do it at the bottom of this post

I am sorting out some file I/O issues. I’m targeting to develop a generic mapeditor so that Codea users can have a standard way of sharing map files for any kind of games/app. Right now it’s customized to a specific texture sheet, but that can be quite easily changed.

In any case, this is the latest video of the mapeditor as part of the Action RPG game-maker:

The monsters/npc/etc. are saved as events, which can be customized for other uses. The map layer has only two texture sheets: one for terrain, one for objects.

Finally got some of the I/O issues out of the way. I’m almost done making this a stand-alone Map Editor all Codea users can use. Right now it is pre-loaded using the LPC (GPL 3, CC) textures and objects (which is awesome btw). But if you wish to use your own texture terrain/object, you can just change the filenames and work using your own textures. I hope this would be a valuable asset for all aspiring game designers on codea.

For terrain textures, it would be as easy as a few lines to define the textures for each button. It will do all the auto-tiling and button setup. For objects, it would be a little complicated because of overlaps, different sizes and offsets. I might leave it out in the final version. You would not see this in the preview below, but it took a lot of work. Also not shown is a lot of work done to auto-tile bigger textures and objects. For example, the more detailed (and wider) cliffs in the preview is also auto-tiled.

Here’s the latest preview. Have also added a preview, minimap and file selector:

Once savetext() is fixed, I should be able to share this.

wow! Quite cool.