Making the in-app browser more open

Would it be possible to make the in-app browser more open to editing and change as I think it could be useful for many different reasons such as making it look nicer, and adding options. Heres an example of a web browser used in a game called Garrys Mod that has a variety of options for it . Would this sort of thing be possible?

Given a choice of improving Codea and improving the in app browser, my vote is for Codea!

@Ignatz +1

I back you up on that completely but there are many things I could ask for which are necessary but also not necessary for the same reasons, before the in-app browser is changed id like to see the editor debugged and the viewer aswell but these aren’t necessary as restarting codea puts it back to normal which is why they dont get worked on

I think what we need more is individual web views so we can integrate them with out app. I’m spending extra time making something in Codea when I could be done much faster with an HTML5 version.