Major Codea Bug

@Simeon, @John
Hey so I just opened up Codea and it has become very weird…
Here are some pics:

As I edit:

The console:

When I start a new project:

I would expect the problem would be the memory being small on your device, how many GBs do you have? And has this happened before?

I suggest

  1. cold reboot,
    if that doesn’t help
  2. reinstall Codea

The up and down(things not in their place) thing while starting the code has happened once or twice with me but it goes if I restart the code

Nah I get this quite a bit its just when your device slows down and codea cant cope then I think a few things dont get processed because the caret is in the wrong place and I get missing parts of code, just go in to the multi task bar and get rid of codea and start up again it will be fine.