Made with codea splash screen missing?

Since the upgrade to v2.0 has anyone else experienced the “Made with codea” splash screen has disappeared to be replaced by a blank screen for exported apps?

No, not here.

Yes @West, I get the same thing, no splash screen… this is when building using the codeaBuild system from @jfperusse


I have tracked this down a bit further @West

When running the exported project in Xcode if you drill down to Images.xcassetts/LaunchImage you may see, as I did, that the iPad Portrait/Landscape iOS 7 1x and 2x ‘slots’ are empty… If you right-click one of the others and do Show in Finder then you can drag in the iPad files to fill these slots and the launch image will reappear…

@Simeon: Any idea why this may be happening?


@West, @brookesi did you solve this problem?

Didn’t fix it for Anagramal but will probably look into @brookesi solution above for the next update. Made with Codea appears with an iPhone 4 but not with an ipad 3 as default

Hi @West,@erickyamato,

It is I believe to do with the Images.xcassetts/Launchimage folder thing, each flavour of iOS device and version requires a different resolution of launch image to be present and slotted in I think…

@brookesi, @West There is 2 empty blocks (iOS 7) I think using the right botton and after ‘show me in finder’ we can put a launch screen. I’ll test today and after, I say to you what happened!