Mac OS X version of Codify uses the emscripten version of lua for javascript that I mentioned.

@Daylan - That was my point… But I was thinking we could ask them to use the source code… It’s beyond my programming level though. I also want export to Xcode first :slight_smile:

It is open source already. The repository is on github.

Being someone who’s just picked up Codea, and Codea (along with lua) being my first experience in programming, I was heart broken to see it wasn’t on the Mac too.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it on the iPad, as the instant build-and-run-on-the-device is amazingly efficient for prototyping and feedback (in particular for someone like me who has no idea what they’re doing). For me, it’s not about taking Codea away from the iPad. We absolutely CANNOT lose that—it’s unique and a great tool.

How I see a Mac version would help me and potentially many others (especially those who are new to programming) is because I’ve just stepped into a new world and I’m enamoured with code right now and the buzz of running and seeing something work and for Codea not to be on the Mac holds me back sometimes when I don’t feel like using the iPad. That is a negative for me. I don’t ever want to NOT want to code because it’s not on ‘X device’. It’s more about workflow and availability.

If I could live in this world of lua and Codea at work and home on my Mac, on the couch/in bed on my iPad and have all of my files syncing via iCloud, well, I would be one happy wannabe programmer and I feel like there would be no stopping me.

EDIT: To add quickly to this, the reason I am so bummed about the lack of Codea on Mac is that I tried the Corona SDK as a solution to Codea not being on the Mac and I have to say, while the community is well established and there is plenty of resources out there, it is quite cumbersome to use. You need an external editor, which you have to find yourself, but that’s the easy part. I found TextMate, which while it is good, is nowhere near as intuitive as Codea is. The whole process of setting TextMate up with your Corona SDK is all set up in a very 1990 kind of way. Oh, and if you want to build to your actual device? Forget about it, it’s an abomination! I see a huge opportunity for TLL and Codea to pierce the scene with a relevant and fresh approach to programming on a Mac/apple device.

Keep up the great work, TLL.

My two cents - I would also love to see a Mac version of Codea. Programming on the iPad is awesome but I think Codea Mac could be an alternative to Xcode for some things. I would definitely buy it. However, I also agree that the primary focus should be on the iPad version and I guess porting to the Mac would take at least 3 months depending on how much time the folks at TLL could commit to it.

From a purely economic standpoint you would need to work out whether you would sell enough Mac versions to get a return.

Programming “Codea” on the Mac or PC can be also achieved (I do it regularly to be honest). There is only one small issue:

Codea on Mac is a real desire for me, too. So I will work on it after some upcoming updates to Codea for iPad.

I’m confused whether this discussion is about an OSX Codea SDK for developing iOS apps or for developing OSX apps?