Luke Skywalker's nightmare - Gets much worse

Saw the demo on your blog - looks really cool.
Are you going to have a go at recreating the original Star Wars arcade game? :slight_smile:

I :"> don’t remember it, but I’ll have a look.

If anyone wants to help, you’re welcome (but you will need reasonable Codea skills).


I think his nightmare was finding out Darth Vader was his dad :-p

Good work as usual Mr @Ignatz =D>

@Ignatz -

This was without a doubt my favourite arcade game as a kid, followed closely by Afterburner

An awesome game - the sit down coin-op version with stereo audio was pretty revolutionary. Still got it on my Mame emulator and plays beautifully even today.

I guess its not beyond the realms of possibility to do something similar in Codea - bounding box collision detection in 3d is pretty straightforward to implement for missiles and colliding with barriers etc… Line entities/wireframes would be easy to setup with a 8 (possibly 2?) triangles per line.

It would be nice for Codea to support a ‘fast’ 3d line/stroke entity in the future as an addition to the standard mesh() functionality.

(Star destroyer made in Codea)

@andymac3d the standard OpenGl ES stuff we use doesn’t have a fast wireframe. You can achieve the outcome with a shader, but unfortunately it’s no quicker than drawing a solid mesh.

@Ignatz that thing turns on a dime

@Ignatz you’re godlike :smiley: I laughed on the end xD nice job as always :wink:

@Ignatz Love it!

@spacemonkey - I figured out nobody would be patient enough to watch a real life turn that took ten minutes! :smiley:

@Ignatz Looks fantastic - how did you animate it? Did you just use a bunch of tweens?

@SkyTheCoder - no, just a simple state variable based on distance, and the turn is done using a special quaternion-based function that is very cool. It just requires basic info like current position, target position and current direction, and it does everything for you. I’m planning to write it up soon.

@Ignatz another class demo, well done

I had to do it, that ship is just beautiful

@Ignatz well done! =D>

Awesome stuff there @Ignatz , you have some serious skills with the 3D.

Extra bonus points for the Millenium Falcon in hot pursuit made only from the primitive library… :wink:

This just confirms my suspicions that Codea is more than capable of re-creating that 8bit 3D game that was a bit of a hit a few years back (and is undergoing a bit of an overhaul at the moment) - Right On @Ignatz :wink: