Lua not updating on new version of app

I had several occasion where the lua code does not get updated when I run a new version through Xcode (ipad connected). When I delete the app and recompile, it gets updated.

The same issue happen when I do an app version update through AppStore; the lua files are not updated. This defeats the purpose of a version update. Is there anyway to force appstore to copy over the old lua files in a version update?


@zapaper are you using the open source runtime or the exported Xcode project?

Hi @simeon, i manage to find the root of the problem. It only updates incorrectly if I compile it with my iOS device connected to xcode. Otherwise it updates fine. So just have to manually delete the app before each compilation.

@zapaper I suspect it’s Xcode not copying over the folder reference properly. Sometimes you need to touch the folder reference on the command line so that Xcode knows that it has been updated.