Lua / love2d / Mac (win) IDE

Recently I have become very interested in Codea, and Codea as far as I understand is a sort of an IDE for Lua.

I would really want to extend my coding in Lua to Windows, and I have been trying to find a suitable IDE. I know there are many, eclipse, for one.

The one I found somewhat interesting is love2d as it offers a shortcut to how to draw something on the screen. However, I don.t understand what is love? Is it a library?

What does it mean that it uses Lua as its language? I mean, Codea also makes use of Lua, however it doesn’t.t understand all those … functions.

Any help would be highly appreciated. And sorry for a lengthy question.

löve2d is a Lua library to allow you to do things like draw on the screen, get mouse input, play sounds, and more. It’s quite similar to Codea, and with the little things I’ve done with it, it’s pretty good, in my opinion.

Lua is to löve2d as Lua is to Codea or Swift/Obj-C is to Cocoa or JavaScript to the DOM API. Basically, the language does all the computations and sets the control flow of the program. There there are add ons to that like löve2d or the Codea runtime that enable your Lua program to do things like display graphics on the screen.

As for a Lua IDE, I prefer Sublime Text by far. You might consider it for free (as long as you don’t use it commercially).

Hope that helps,

I know it sounds strange,
But is it preferable to just use some construction like love2d, or invest more time in order to achieve the same result the “hard way”?

I am not a professional programmer, and it is not my intention to be, however I would like to simulate some behaviors and write a number of simple games.

Hi @alexNaumov,

@Zoyt has described the similarity between Love2D and Codea, they both use the same language at the core. Both are scripted and have many overlaps. Love2D has recently been upgraded to version 0.9 which has greatly enhanced some of its features.

The similarity was so close, Effelsberg wrote a wrapper for Love2D which allows you to write Codea code and run it on Love2D - which I find a real benefit as it gives you a better IDE option. I use Notepad++ as editor and run it on a PC.

loveCodea link

Also on the Wiki

Wiki Link

LoveCodea development has halted so it is not fully up to date as far as Codea is concerned, but many simple programs can be written using it.

Another option you may consider is to use AirCode, this opens a browser window for you on your PC/Mac and allows you to edit code in it, including tabs. I find it a little quirky and use Notepad++ then cut and paste the code into the browser window. AirCode does allow you to run programs directly on your iPad. It’s worth a try to see if you are happy with the interface.

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Keep in mind there is also always Corona and Gideros Mobile as more up-to-date Lua game engines. There are also many 3D game engines that utilize Lua.