Lua Block Comments - minor bug

Block comment functionality (i.e. --[[ multiline comments ]]) appears to work but the code sense ability of Codea doesn’t detect that these are comments and turn them green, apart from the first line.

A minor bug I know.

Nice, any chance of a sneak peak @Simeon?

This one is already on the issue tracker:

(In general, that’s a better place for simply reporting bugs. Though we often discuss them here as well.)

My apologies!

None needed.

Happily, iOS 6 will allow us to do much improved syntax highlighting very easily. I’m very excited to re-write the editor’s display system for it — though we will keep the old highlighting system for iOS 5.

@Simeon - great news, just out of curiosity - which bit of iOS 6 helps with syntax highlighting?

BTW - If I haven’t said it before Codea, is a most excellent piece of work and I’m loving Lua, it has some really funky features.

@Reefwing all text controls now allow attributedText to be set (using NSAttributedString). So we can actually display rich text without having to re-implement UITextView. Codea’s current editor system is clever, but it’s a hack designed to run fast and allow for large amounts of code to be highlighted.