I remembering seeing something about getting your code to work on your Mac/PC but I can’t seem to find any links to the discussion. Any help/tips?

See here and here on the wiki. I do not know if the wrapper has moved on since then.

Because it was Cargo-Bot related I have hidden the latest link here:

Once I deem my code polished enough and kick myself in the ass, it should appear on github because it is too large to be maintained on a wiki page.

What the hell? Löve just wants the main file on Linux to be explicitly spelled “main.lua”, not “Main.lua” with a capital M. I’ll add the fact to my helper scripts.

So now it’s retroactively official: loveCodea has been working on Linux for a long time, but today I found it out.

Hi @Codeslinger,

Thanks for the information - I use Linux Mint in a virtual partition and am a relative newbie eager to learn. I found references to Love2D for Linux but haven’t dared to tackle it yet. Do you have any advice? Can you point me to simple instructions for installation?

Everything seems to suggest you need to compile the code for your own machine - just at the moment a little scary.

I have editors for code for Linux so was hoping to be able to develop in any format that I was using. From what I have seen there are advantages to using Linux over Windows.




Hi All,

Hope @Codeslinger picks this up - tried out a cube problem from Jordan and found that there was a typo in my loveCodea.lua (latest version) on line 353, said:

    widht = widht* 2

should be

     width = width * 2

Is this a the case or is it corruption on my system?



The bane of highly dynamic languages … no compiler (or “use strict”) to report such things. It also shows a nice example of the rule “If it’s not tested it doesn’t work”. I don’t think that any example I tried makes use of the radius mode. I think I have to start writing my own tests. Thanks for reporting.

If you still have the Linux question: I have downloaded the Ubuntu 12.04 .deb file from the love2d site. Double-click to install, missing packages are automatically fetched as usual. Linux Mint is said to be a bit more up-to-date than Ubuntu, so Löve 0.8.0 may already be available as a regular package.

HI @Codeslinger,

Linux notes - much appreciated.

Can you direct me to the Codea source code, can’t seem to find a link now, I’d like to look at the triangulate function - first to see if I understand and then, if I do, to try to add it to loveCodea. Several posted examples recently have called for it.

Many thanks again,



Only about 2000 lines of Codea are written in Lua. The triangulate function is located in of the runtime (and is by the way not protected against passing more than 256 vectors), but it is itself just an adapter for the triangulator of Box2D.

I might as well write a version from scratch in Lua. Assuming convex polygons as usual I would simply calculate the average middle point and then make triangles out of two points of the polygon and the middle point, proceeding until the outline is completed.

Hi @Codeslinger,

Thanks for the feedback, didn’t get the link for the source code (I’m sure it’s on the forum). I’ll try to build the Lua version of the code (fingers crossed), but I’m going to try and add saving and reading local data to the loveCodea first as I’m playing with the hi-score table and would like to simulate this code.

Finally - looking at loveCodea - I was wondering if there is any way that you can redirect the iparameter, parameter and watch variables to the console window. I’ve found a reference to using the console window and am going to investigate that. Triangulation slipped to bottom of pile at moment.

Always the same with me - should have used Tangent_Man instead of Bri_G!!!

Thanks again,