loveCodea - loveCodify revived

Main reason for this update:

  • Make BattleChips working again!

  • Also Examples/Spritely to some extent.

  • No need to create a conf.lua file if setOrientation() is called by the program (JockM inspired me to do this, thanks).

Hi @Codeslinger,

Thanks for the update, I’m using loveCodea on a regular basis now. I keep tripping up on odd commands not yet covered, but can usually get round the problem.

Is there any chance that we can boost loveCodea up to an announcement, like Codea play, as I think it’s an excellent tool for anyone working on Codea code?

Thanks again,



I transferred what I hope is accurate reference material relating to loveCodify and loveCodea from the discussions to the wiki, here and here (the .lua file itself).

@mpilgrem the .lua link seems to be invalid. And thanks for the wiki update!

wow sorry to necro the thread.

love2D-web player has more of Codea’s features (OpenGL/WebGL, etc.), and that’s cross platform, so we might try working together to make the web player work.