Long press of + Add New Project not working for me

I’m trying to download Soda. I go to github & copy the installer from the raw section. But when I long press the +Add New Project, the only option I get is to Create a new project and not any option to Paste into New Project. It used to work but not anymore. I deleted Codea & re-downloaded to no avail. Any suggestions/clues?

@romanab Paste into project only works if there’s a --# TabName at the start of the code. I’m not sure what code you’re trying to use, but if it doesn’t have --# Main in the Main tab, it won’t work.

Hi, sorry I forgot to update the installation instructions. The new installer is just a single tab, that then loads and writes all the other tabs for you. So create a new project called Soda, paste the installer into Main, and then run it. I’ll update the readme. Thanks for bringing this up.

OK, readme updated with new installation instructions:

Copy the contents of /SodaInstaller.lua. It is easiest to do this from the RAW page. In the Codea project selector, tap “+ Add New Project”, and name the new project “Soda”. Overwrite the contents of the Main tab by selecting it all and pasting the installer code over it. The first time you run the project, the installer will overwrite itself with the latest version of Soda.

Thanks the both of you for your answers