local, project, global data

I’ve been using iExplorer to look at the files used by Codea on the iPad. My question, does anyone know where the local, project, or global data is kept, or is it not viewable with iExplorer. I looked in some project folders that I knew had data saved, but I didn’t see the data in there.

@Luismi I don’t have iFile on my iPad. I didn’t think Apple would allow an app that can access files outside of it’s own area. I was also looking at I-FunBox for the PC.

with iexplorer internal information of each class of project can not be viewed, i use ifile for that

@Luismi I looked up “ifile” for a PC and it said the iPad had to be jail broken to use it.

@dave1707. not necessary, I seek files from ifile on my iPad and export them, or visualize internally . do not need the jail break.
ALSO i use the ifile web server.

work for me

you have the ifile app in your ipad now ?

ok, but you only want to see the project’s internal information or export the project??

@Luismi I just want to look around and see what’s there.


@Luismi So that’s using iFile.

@Luismi What do you see when there’s local data saved.

What do you mean ?

@Luismi Do you have any projects where you saved some local data ( saveLocalData() ). I’m wondering if you can see where the local data is saved and if you can read it. I also loaded iFunBox on my PC, but it doesn’t show anything different than iExplorer does.

Ok . I understand now , no in my case no :-S