Load screen

Is it possible to take away the codea load screen. So if I were to put it on the App Store and download it it wouldn’t have the codea load screen?

Just change the loading images. Make sure they’re the same names and the same sizes.

The files are found in your Xcode project, Default-568h@2x.png at 640x1136, Default-Landscape@2x~ipad.png at 2048x1536, Default-Landscape~ipad at 1024x768, Default-Portrait@2x~ipad.png at 1536x2048, Default-Portrait~ipad.png at 768x1024, Default.png at 320x480, and Default@2x.png at 640x960.

Oh you have to have the same name? @SkyTheCoder

@Andrewsimpson4 Yes, otherwise Xcode wouldn’t know which images to use.

ok do you have to do that with all the icons too? @SkyTheCoder

Actually, you can use any name for the images — just configure them in XCode. The sizes do have to be right.

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