Load a Data file

Is it possible loading an external data file? Basically I do have the problem that any x,y dataset, for example, is not that simple to load in. Of course, cut, copy, paste works, but usually this requires lots of manual rework until the dataset can be processed further. Maybe there is a simple way, I have overseen?

Purpose is to picturize external data using the graphic capabilities of Codea.

I wonder (given that we are constrained to play within a sandbox): would any of the storage options (local, project, global) work for this? I haven’t used the storage functions myself yet but I suppose that you could use iExplorer (or equivalent) to move your data set saved as a text file into the appropriate place and then read/parse the data to taste…

You can do it with the project data, which is stored in XML plist format as “Data.plist” inside the project.

@Simeon: could you probably give a short example, please? Many thanks!

Since we don’t have project sharing any more you would have to somehow get your data into the Data.plist format and put it on your iPad using iExplorer or a similar solution.

The Data.plist format is plain text XML, so if you could somehow encode your data you could get it into Codea, then write a decoder to visualise it (it could be loaded in code with readProjectData).