Little things

  1. although fun to play with, when wanting precision the tap and swipe on numbers gets in the way. An option to disable this feature if not wanted.

  2. when using the forum from the app I have to keep signing in, maybe autologin based on UID or just stored parameters in setup.

  3. when calling a function show the parameters in a similar fashion you do with word guessing.

  4. for what it’s worth – a Ruby version of this app would have made my purchase easier and sooner. I actually was looking for a ruby app when I found you. The current ruby apps have very poor reviews and no support or community to speak of. With that said I welcome learning lua in Lu of Building on Ruby. Like Ruby it seems natural. But I miss regular expressions.

That is all for now. No need to respond

Hi @wrmichael, I found myself agreeing with you on points 1 to 3 and felt like responding… :slight_smile:

Actually, on regular expressions, have you tried patterns? It’s pretty much the same, with back captures and greedy/non-greedy wildcard options. I used it in my tune parser. I wonder why they didn’t just adopt RegEx though?

Thanks for your feedback, @wrmichael. 1) and 3) are things we’d like to address soon (probably a toggle for 1). Not sure why 2) is happening to you — I haven’t personally experienced that.

On 4: While I would never say “no” to other languages, at the moment we’re trying to make Codea the best it can be for developing prototypes, games, and simulations. Adding other languages would really dilute the amount of time we can spend making it great and expanding the API. It would also slow maintenance and development (every API feature would have to be replicated and tested with every language binding).

On 4, I’d like to say that I’d never used Lua before encountering Codea - I’d used TeX, Perl, Processing (aka Java), PHP - and am absolutely loving it. Its simplicity and smallness force me to really think about what I’m doing and mean that I feel (probably wrongly) that it is small enough for me to understand (contrast with Perl and the vastness of CPAN).

I agree with @Andrew_Stacey, learning Lua was initially something I was hesitant about but now it is possibly my favourite language.

I like it so far.

Another little thing.

Auto indentation would be nice to have.