Learn Lua in 15 Minutes...


I just got stumbled over this, thought it might be helpful for some of the people new to codea:



Nice :slight_smile:

@gunnar_z Nice find!

Handy :slight_smile: goes to bookmark
Allready learned something new

Thanks @gunner_z. Very useful. By the way, the entire page is runnable. Just copy and paste it into a new Codea project (inside the setup() function of course).

Nice references, I got Fringe, Game of Thrones, Hitchhikers Guide and Cloud Atlas

It’s a very nice cheat sheet!
He only missed the #v problem (counts only through the uninterrupted integer keys)

Hey buddy great Post,

I found something helpful which I want to share as I was browsing the web for learning some coding algorithms it was very difficult to visit different sites at a time but I found a site named https://hackr.io/

I went here and found that the stuff from best programming sites were all allocated at a single place so I just thought of sharing with you all…

I hope it will help you
This might be useful to your readers: https://hackr.io/tutorials/learn-lua

You also have https://learnxinyminutes.com/ which has more than just Lua, and the Lua version is well done (and has multiple translations)

Love it! Some more great Lua resources at https://reactdom.com/lua

You can also check http://letsfindcourse.com/lua hope this will help you.