Keyboard issues

Running iPad Air and iOS 8.0 Codea shows two odd keyboard issues (ipad kbd not external).

First, sometimes buttons and tabs at screen top scroll off and will not scroll back. Have to X out and return to het them back. Happens very commonly.

Second, the aux + - * % buttons pop up halfway down the keys, like over the a row, instead of above the top row.

Restarted iPad, still does it.

Seen this? Advice? Thanks,


Further to this, the square brackets and braces show well off to left of parents when I hold those, and the – is up and to the fake ft of where it should be.

This is an issue with Codea on ios 8, and will be fixed with the 2.1 update.

@RonJeffries — really sorry about this, the next update to Codea (2.1) is nearly finished testing and is compatible with iOS 8. It will be submitted soon.

Great, good to know you’re on it. :slight_smile: