I need a joystick for my game [-O< Halp
Mey be a tuch pad

Have a look here:

Is to glitchy

@Connorbot999 it’s not glitchy. We’ve used it several times in our own projects. Are there any particular bugs that stop @Nat’s library from being used with the latest version?

So wiy is crashing codea :frowning:

Can you give me a tutoral :slight_smile:

When I get some free time, I built a simple d-pad controller class that is pretty easy to implement. I might post it up in a few days when I finish with my Window manager library.

Ok :slight_smile: Sorey I insolltid it X_X

I’m waiting for hours now and still NO CODE! “Pretty easy” you said, yes these were your words, and don’t deny, they’re written black on white a few lines above these. Pretty easy. Pretty upset, I am, after that long. Or is it because a classy class is more difficult than cody code? Oh, sorry for my impetuousness, but now it is written black on white, I cannot take it back.

P.S.: How much time exactly is “a few days”? Will I find out in a few more hours?

… I’m hoping that was sarcasm… but…
You are in luck as I did just install iExplorer to make it easier to export some other code I wrote.

So… Here ya go.

@Deamos - Jeez you sure took your time !

(kidding of course ;))

I will try letter @Desmos :-bd…

Fyow miuts later…

Is perfect :-bd …

That wasn’t me, Deamos, it was my evil twin Slingerbot000 (nil-nil-nilly) speaking.