JoyStick Question [RESOLVED]

There are also some other words I could think of @SkyTheCoder

But first, in the old language, gay meant happy… so idk why anything’s wrong with that, also, in french, the word gay (writing different and pronounced a little different) also means happy…

Then, another word… SWAG, it originated in prisons… Criminals wearing their pants lower and lower the more they wanted to get ******, the original meaning is Secretky We Are Gay

But now everyone’s like: I’m swag

Most of the people don’t even know what a word means when speaking it…

(this is in no offense to anyone on here, let that be clear :slight_smile: )

@stevon8ter TMI. But I get how nobody knows what anything means.

I’m sure most kids wouldn’t understand it in an I Love Lucy or old song or something in which they said gay meaning happy.

Then again, I’m not most kids.

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This has gotten a bit off-topic and I recommend that it get back on topic again.

@Goatboy76 For me then the inner circle does touch the edge of the outer circle. How large is the discrepancy? Is it a couple of pixels, or much larger?

@Andrew_Stacey Agreed.

Its really nothing but what I meant was a gap that I’d say 3-4 pixels at the smallest (on the 2040 by 1 something iPad res.) and of course, it widens the farther you go from the point of contact you get.

But its chill. The main concept of that code is currently beyond my programing knowledge as I have only just recently graduated from the rank of n00b to Novice.