I've been thinking

The first time that I was introduced to coding, I remember being bored with it because code.org already pre-wrote everything and just taught you the concepts of how programming works. Then one day while perusing the site I came across an ad for codea and the rest is history. I’ve been thinking that codea make programming fun and if a version of codea could be made using different languages, and if so does anyone know if there are plans to so.

P.s. I am not expect a new version to come out soon, I’m merely asking if it’s possible and if anyone know if it is being considered.

@Progrmr235 - check out the very first post at the top of the discussion page

@Ignatz I’ve read that page, and it’s mostly discussing if codea will be available in other languages (Chinese, Spanish, etc.) I’m more asking if codea could be made with other program languages (C++, Java, etc.) and if so is there any plans to do so.

@Progrm235 - my understanding is definitely not, but the developers can confirm that.

@Progrmr235 I don’t think that there will be a Codea using languages other than Lua, but I think there might be a Codea built with one of those languages (for a Mac or PC). Not really sure what your question is talking about.