Has someone tried this software? It’s a tilemap editor running on iPad and it seems pretty interesting but there’re no comment at all… and I would like to have some previews before to buy it :slight_smile: If it works properly it could be a good way to make level editing on iPad, integrating what is already possible to do with Codea

That software, like “Tiled,” uses an XML file that describes the scene called a “.tmx” file. Codea doesn’t have built-in support for converting those files to anything useful. However, you could spin your own, parsing the XML and creating a scene. I’m sure the Code community would appreciate if you were to create and share this :wink:

Yes I know and it’s not a problem, there’re a lot of way to convert tmx or anyway xml to lua, and some of them can be used also on iPad (like xslt transformation… a bit tricky but working)

if only codea would allows external file loading it would be possible to parse xml, consider that a love importer already exist. Hacking the io file support (like @ruilov did for the ‘libs’ support) could be the solution :slight_smile:

Anyway what i’d like to know is if the editor is good enough to be used for level editing on iPad!

You could try the free compact version that doesn’t save or export to get a feel for it. Not sure how different the editor is compared to the paid version though.

I’ve tried it, and it look promising. Having reduced workspace (the compact version is iphone only) doesn’t really help to get the feeling, and also the interface could be really better, but it seems to have all the basic functionalities I’m expecting and so I’m tempted to buy it. A nice thing about the full version is that it allows to open created files in other apps: that means that adding the right support to the codea runtime it would be possible to edit a level and launch it soon after to test it.

I tried the lite version on my iPod and it doesn’t function at all. Might be a bad install. It looks fairly useful on the iPad x2 but built-in Codea support would be required for me to buy the full version. Thanks for the heads up.

Well @Keebo, as I said before I think it would be possible to use it with codea directly on iPad even without having a built in support. I’ve bought an app called XSLT that allows to make xsl transformation, so I can translate xml files to lua directly on iPad (I’m using that to convert files generated by different tools). Since iTileMap export in xml format it would be possible to use the same approach, it would just require a proper xsl and some boring copy&paste :slight_smile: As i said… a bit tricky but it should works fine

I see you have quite a bit more knowledge in that area than me which is cool. I searched the app store and saw that there were only two reviews and both were only two stars. Even though it is only .99 it still may be well over my head. Good luck with projects and hopefully you will be able to get them to work within Codea. Keep us posted.

Hi @Keebo and @Vega, with the latest version of Codea (maybe also with the previous one but I’m not sure) the dropbox synced files appears into a Documents\Dropbox.spritepack folder (if you look at the structure of codea app folder with iExplorer or iFunBox), so hacking the LuaSandbox.lua file enabling io operations, it’s possible to share tmx file easily (i’m doing the same for other xml files at now). Parsing the tmx format it’s not a difficult task, and anyway exists a love tmx importer that could be used with a few changes