Is there any way to insert a video into my program?

I would like to insert a short video clip into my program that will play at different points, but whenever I tried to insert a video clip from my photo list, it acted like a photo (what a surprise). Is there any way to insert a short video clip?
Thanks in advance,

Nope. But yes… How about breaking up the video into frames and playing them back one by one as images very quickly?

Is there a way to do this with Lua code?

I think someone has tried it on this forum before…

Check out this thread and the links within on animation, would also work for turning photos into video I guess…:

There are a few concerns to take into consideration. One how long is the video you plan to use?

Bear in mind that 1 second of video? Requires 30 frames (that would be 30 pictures imported into your spritepack for each second).

So if you had a minute of video even that would be 1,800 pictures. Do you have that kind of space on your ipad?

Or that kind of time to import each and every frame into codea?

Hi @Sherrpen, welcome to the forums. You make some very sound points. There is no easy way to do this, just the hard way… I guess @edat44, @westlijones and @Strawberryipad should weigh this up. I’m having a hard time imagining how it would work, if you could play a video… Would the rest of the program keep going?