Is there a way to get the full lua code from codea?

Codea comes with tons of pre-defined functions that make coding much simpler such as the draw and setup functions. But I want to know if there’s a way to automatically convert your codea code into universal lua code by fitting your current code with the lua code that defines codeas pre-defined functions and syntax. This would be useful so that the codea code could work on other lua text editors.

i think codea functions are writen in Xcode, not lua. So they can run only on ios.
There are a few eceptions, like the tween library.

Everything outside of customised hooks in to a lower language in Lua should work outside of Codea, so if it’s raw code in the setup function that will work and anything outside of touched and draw will work as needed but you won’t have anything to call the draw and touched function as there’s no hook.

    • My understanding of it.

Thats why I would like there to be something that can transform your code into expanded lua where it includes the code that defines those functions (draw/touched) so that you would not have to manually make any alterations to your code before you paste it onto another text editor.

@Paintcannon As we said, the loads of extra functions are programmed directly into the Lua runtime via Objective-C (with a few exceptions such as class()), so there isn’t really any way to make them in purely Lua for usage elsewhere.