Is it your plans to allow export to Xcode? [ANSWERED]

Hello TLL,
I love the Codea environment so much, I really want to program a real iOS game in it. I understand that Codea was made to plan out ideas, but it’s much better than that. As I’ve mentioned before, it would be done by putting an engine into an Xcode project, not doing any converting. If you could contact Apple about this along with all your other things you want to contact them about, that would be great. Dapp and other apps export code to their computer! iMonk exports to the computer as code. I’m planning a major app that I think I might roll out within half a year or so, so if you could see if you could get the basics of the featured rolled out and leave it open scorce, within a half to a year or so, that would be super. Or just make part of an Xcode project and secretly have you copy code into it, all behind Apple’s back. If this is an extremely crazy idea, LMK, but the more I think about it, the more it sounds amazing.

I’d pay extra or pay per use for that. I’m looking forward to using the open source engine when release, but if you give me a make-a-editable-submit able-to-the-app store button that is worth money.

Yeah there are two thoughts for how this could go:

  • export a nicely zipped Xcode project that you can compile and submit
  • export a .app package, ready to go - the only thing is you would need to code sign it with your certificate

Tough choice for me personally. On the one hand I’d like to publish free but with an ad that could be in-app purchased to go away. On the other hand I’m incredibly lazy and would publish without and ad and possibly set up the certificate account so that I could endlessly bounced back and forth between free app and .99. Most likely I’d just get a free app only account because even the bouncing price would reduce my couch coding time :slight_smile:

Ok, .app and I post it on my once a day migration from couch coding to bed :slight_smile:

Probably because the latter option requires code signing, which needs Xcode installed, certificates, and so on. And then you need to use Xcode to submit to the store in the end. So I’m wondering how different the option really is. All you skip is the compilation.

I would prefer Xcode export or a choice. Thanks!

So, I can safely program my app and know that I will be able to submit it to the app store? Thanks! This is great news!

Please roll out sprites first. This is great news! Thanks again!
P.S. TLL - You should take a break after your amazing job on 1.3.

I would like a clear answer please @Simeon. Thanks! This is wonderful!

I’d like a pony.

I don’t expect TLL to commit to the above until they’re ready to ship. Things with apple and the codea app proper are too fluid to commit to long term plans.

Would you rather they comitted, then never delivered?

Yes. About the ponies, I’ll let Santa know for you (you’ll have to wait a while).

I asked TLL in a private conversation and god this reply:
“We will be releasing the engine as open source, this would an Xcode project that is easy to integrate with your Codea bundles to generate native iOS apps.”

Oh. Sorry.

That information is in the FAQ

Hi all ! Is the script langage of codea fully lua native ?
In that case, we should be able to use it through wax.
Great work !

@Pekele it relies on the Codea graphics engine and libraries, so we’ll be releasing that aspect of it as open source. Wax is for UIKit applications.

Thanks for the reply. Ok , I understand. Codea is like a framework. It that means that codea can’t be used as a external framework for lua classic dev ?
Well, just asking for my personal culture :wink: i’m waiting like many other users, I guess, to be able to “compil” or run codea code in xcode.

That’s correct, @Pekele. Codea runs Lua code itself — that is, the Codea engine relies on having the Lua interpreter built-in.

An XCode exporter would be marvelous :slight_smile: