Is it possible to use an online website to store game data?

Here’s what I want to do:

I want to us http.request to copy text on a site. Then I’d parse and sort it in my program. Is it possible/a good idea to do this as opposed to writing it into a clunky table in the code itself?

I tried experimimenting with http.request and it returned the HTML code on the site… How can I get only the text? Also what site should I use to host the data if this isn’t a bad idea?

It would be tricky, but its not impossible, and as for the HTML, you’d either need to access the RAW data or parse through the data and extraxt your data.

For a beginner, i’d recommend the tables

Hi @invad3rZIM, your web page should only print out the table content, i once did that, making response.write of a csv from c# page i used to parse and store locally to a lua table. You don’t need any html to be printed out, start uploading to a public url a simple txt file that contains your data. Then your http request should head straight away to it. Such as

Domt know if this helps :slight_smile:

@Invad3rZIM, a good free host that I use is 000webhost. They’re surprisingly good for a free hosting provider