Is it possible to share projects on the web?

I am looking for a way to quickly and easily share ‘demos’ or projects that I have made in Codea with other people on a website. I am trying to do the challenge, and would like to be able to prototype and share games with the community without having to go through the Apple submission process. Is there a way to run lua ‘games’ on website?

To share codea projects you can copy and paste the code for the project onto the website you want to share on. Im not sure if you can run lua games on a website, and I definitely don’t know how to do if it is possible.

Sharing the code is easy enough, I want people to be able to play with the games/demos easily. Maybe I should search for a web based Lua interpreter?

@ jonathanhirz, finding a Lua interpreter is only part of the equation to be honest. Codea uses lots of library routines ( for graphics, sprites, physics etc) that are extensions of the standard Lua interpreter.

To this end, you may wish to have a look at loveCodea - which is basically the essence of Codea ported to the desktop - theres a fair few threads on here about it.

Failing that, your only option really is to use the Codea Runtime Library via Xcode and distribute it as an App.

I guess using something like TestFlight would work, distributing the app without going the AppStore route, but that would require a lot if work. I was really hoping for something like a flash game I could just stick on my website, but using the Lua code I wrote in Codea. Oh well…

You should have a look at Processing and Especially Processing.js which is targeted the web.
Very much similar to Codea but coding takes place on a computer (maybe mac only I did not check)
Anyway it is the perfekt tool and can do exactly what you want. Simple setup and enviroment also :slight_smile:
@Simeon has mentioned on several occations that he was inspired from Processing making Codea.
Re Peter

Edit: Forgot to mention that Processing is free :slight_smile:

There is a reasonable port of processing js on the iPad. Not as Good as codea tough

There are quite a few ports of Processing for the iPad - some are rubbish ( ie dont allow you to save sketches etc). After testing quite a few (groan), the best one IMHO is PR0C0D1NG which is probably the most ‘Codea’ - like. Although, this too has some restrictions in respect to file io, certain libraries not being available etc.

As @corneliushoffman quite rightly pointed out - its not Codea by a long stretch. :slight_smile:

But for demonstration purpose and putting a test program on a web site, I would chose Processing.js and code on a computer. The browser on the iPad can then be used to interact with the program. I think this was the initial question.

I would however love for Codea to have a Mac OS X clone environment, charing the same project code in a Dropbox folder (cloud) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info, I’ll check out Processing and see if it’ll work for me. Might also be another thing to just play around with.
Originally I had it in my mind that I could participate in “one game a month” and do everything on the iPad (code, test, distribute) and have others test & play on the web. I think this might be out of the scope of Codea, but maybe some other options are available. I am also looking at Pythonista, and seeing if the python code it generates can be run and played with on a website. I know that with Pythonista, I can at least get the code exported to a .gist, which others can pull down onto their own iPads/Pythonista program, and run from there. It’s a start

Hey @jonathanhirz I downloaded an app recently called PR0C0D1N6 and it reruns code offline written in processing.js, processing, JavaScript and HTML 5 canvas so just 2 different languages with different flavours. I use it as an alternative to Codea when I want to do some web development the other app I use is Kodiak PHP the names self explanatory, they’re both very nice apps and worth the money, they should do what you want.

PROCOD1N6 seems very cool. Does it make creating web apps relly more easy?

Actually @Jmv38 it does, the only problem is that it’s not as polished as codea, let me rephrase that: “PR0C0D1N6 is a very well done app with what I’m now calling, the Codea feel, sometimes putting huge bugs in a processing program will prevent you from editing that particular script till the app is taken of multitask, however a JavaScript program on the app seems to have none of these problems and searches for bugs even whilst the coding is in progress”

It’s great and has a few bugs

Thanks for the precisions. Since you mentionned it, i bought Kodiak PHP but i am a bit disappointed: for the price (9€!) it does not include a doc and tuturial on PHP. I am a real beginner in PHP, i have to buy other apps to bootstrap me…