Is codea worth it without a Mac?

Hi, I love using codea but I don’t have a Mac to publish my games. I want to use my games for commercial use but looks like I can’t. Is there any point learning the language? I want to sell my games

What platforms do you want to publish on? iOS, Android, PC?

If you want to publish to the App Store then you’ll need some kind of Mac (you could go second hand, or hackintosh), or a friend with a Mac. Form a co-op!

You could experiment with the Löve2D Codea wrapper, see if it works for getting your code running on a PC.

@yojimbo2000 I want to publish to android. I know love2d but it seems different from codea.

[trolling] do people actually pay money for Android apps? [\trolling] :ar!

Try this

Apple are about to release their new Swift programming language as open source. How will this effect Codea ?

Someone would have to write a program that can interpret and run Swift code on iOS, and Apple would have to allow it in the store. I’ve no idea whether either of these are possible. Even if Swift becomes open source, iOS is still something of a walled garden.

Hi yojimbo2000 - Until such time as Apple put a gate in the wall any talk of open source is pointless. As you say Swift will mean Apple/Mac. The fact that you can run and enjoy coding using Codea on an iPad is a joy for hobbiests and Fun coders but the only way towards commercialisation is through Apple I can’t see what they are aiming at with open source Swift.

@calebAnder do you have any friends who have a Mac you can pop round and use? I did that at first and then decided to get a Mac Mini for home anyway as I love working with them. I still have my PC for all my photoshop work.

Ask around as you’re bound to have a friend who has one :wink:

Simple answer - YES!, yes it is worth it - just for the fun factor if nothing else.

Don’t forget there are other cross platform systems that use Lua (Corona, Gideros etc), there’s a strong case for using Codea as a prototyping tool for these systems - although be aware that Codea’s style of rendering (redraw every frame vs adding objects to a stage / heirarchy) is different, but even this can be overcome with a little bit of effort.

@TechDojo +100

Yes, the title of this thread is misleading. It should be “can I use Codea to develop apps for Google Play”.

But the answer to the question is Codea worth it without a Mac is 100% yes. As I’ve said before, the App Store is very far from the be-all and end-all, and in fact, apps such as Codea and Pythonista do represent, as @Steep put it, the “gate in the wall”

I don’t have a Mac either. Know how you feel

I sometimes borrow my friends laptop , or go to the university labs to upload my apps to xcode. Another idea is to get a virtual version of mac on your pc.