Is Codea right for me? If so, I have an additional question...

Originally I chose Codea because it offered an easier learning curve in comparison to Objective-C. Now that Swift has come out, I’m not sure which language is the best. I’m a high school student getting other guys together to make a 2D fighter game with lots of explosions, to put it eloquently. Is Codea the right thing for an intense game or should I hustle it out and learn Swift?

If Codea is suitable, how can I start learning to draw physics objects onto the screen? I’ve had troubles with that in the past. Thanks!

@Treshure - I’m not sure if anyone here has used Swift seriously yet, but Codea is a very good way to learn things like physics and 3D graphics quickly (it’s still hard sometimes, but way easier than ObjectiveC). I’m guessing Swift will actually be more powerful, but Codea will give you an easier way into learning all this stuff. Also we are very nice here :slight_smile:

I can offer a lot of posts and some ebooks, which cover things like physics, here.

Wrt explosions, search on the forum (see above) and you’ll see this has been discussed often.