iPadOS 15


Just installed iPadOS 15 and major changes. Only thing so far I find irritating is the multitasking. The three dots at the top of the screen for arranging multitasking windows overlaps the tabs in the editor. It’s just a little annoying not a major issue.
The three dots can be difficult to see and the tab bar centres itself to some degree.

All - another feature, not really, is that when I rotate my pad the window turns and occupies part of the screen then stretches to the correct screen size. This is slow!!! It’s also a feature I have noticed and commented on in the beta thread. Codea seems to have incorporated the screen rotation feature in advance of iPadOS release.

Can confirm that the three dots at the top of the screen are quite annoying in Codea (and some other apps), and that the only way to disable it is for the developer to mark their app as incompatible with split view/slide over. If Apple doesn’t provide an option to disable them, it may be necessary to move the Codea tabs down a little so that they don’t overlap with the three dots button. Right now, I have to fumble a little bit before successfully hitting the middle tab without hitting the three dots button.

I’m not sure what screen rotation issues you are talking about, though. My iPad rotates just fine.

@calm_dolphin - thanks for the confirmation and disappointed with apple. Seem to keep adding more bells and whistles which complicate basic performance/ease of use.

On the rotation problem part of this is down to speed and may be a feature of the introduction of metal. I had noticed this before in Codea but with iPadOS 15 it seems the general case now. Say your in portrait mode and rotate to landscape. You now get a portrait width of screen on the left and black section on the right before the OS compensates and converts output to full width. This may vary with kit and iOS version.

@Bri_G Just downloaded 15. I saw what you were saying about the screen rotation. I loaded Codea again after a few hours and I wasn’t able to get it to happen. Just wonder if something else has to be going on.

@dave1707 - yeah, it was definitely hit and miss before 15. I did raise it in the beta and @Simeon wondered what would happen when 15 was introduced - seems like he was already aware.