iPad resolution

Since I use Codea to code my games, I do it on an iPad mini. Today, I got an iPad 4th generation Retina to test my games in 2048x1536 and I wanted to see the resolution in a test project using the print(WIDTH) and print(HEIGHT). I was surprised to see that it showed 1024x768 !!! Codea does not seem to properly recognize the resolution!!! Any comments?

The default behaviour is for everything to look the same size on retina display or non-retina display. When you have 2 images, one in normal resolution (image.png) and another one in
“retina” resolution (image@2x.png) Codea will load the @2x version on retina devices.

@dreamergb that is correct behaviour. Codea correctly uses the full 2048x1536 resolution of the retina iPad, but reports 1024x768 display size — this reported size is in points, not pixels.

Vector drawing will be much sharper on a retina iPad and as @Cabernet says, images with @2x variants will load on retina devices. This gives the added benefit of your code working identically on non-retina and retina devices (except it will look much sharper on retina devices).

Courious how you practically manage the two png images. I have , until now, made my image in 2048 x1536, saved it with @2x name and copied it and removed @2x from the name. That is I am working on a 4 gen iPad.
The 1024x768 image will only show a quadrant I expect on a lower gen iPad, so I will have to shrink the image by a factor 2. Is it just shrinking or do I realy need to make a new image, similar but lower resolution to show properly and everything in place ?
I do not have the hardware to test, so wondering how it goes on the App store.
Re Peter

@macflyerdk make your @2x images and then downscale them and remove the suffix. There are quite a few free tools for this, I have used Resizer for Mac (free) in the past, you can find it here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/resizer/id411277085?mt=12

I did a tute on this whole pixels vs points business - since it confused me so much!