iPad Pro orientationChanged bug

Hello @Simeon,

I think I found a bug on iPad Pro (iOS 9.3.3) where Codea crashes when frequently changing orientations.

The bug is somewhat inconsistent and very annoying. On some projects there is a noticeable lag, while hiding and showing the sidebar (tapping the arrow) - but Codea keeps working. On other Projects Codea might crash completely when rotating the device (2-10 orientation changes).
I tried it with an empty new Project and Codea crashed after 4 device rotations (portrait, landscape, portrait, landscape, crash)… so I’m sure it does not relate to any special code.

The most annoying thing about this bug is, I cannot double-tap the home button and force quit Codea. I always have to wait until Codea builds its projects-view (which takes around one minute) and then Codea resumes work anyway … until next orientation change. I took a picture of the crash while I was waiting and attached it to this post.

Hope you can fix this one quick, because I really need to continue working on my project.
Thank you very much in advance!

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@se24vad Until the fix is made, maybe you can set supportedOrientations() to either portrait or landscape to keep the orientation from changing to stop the crashes. This might be a reported bug already.

sure, I did. Thanks. I will report this on the issue tracker, since I didn’t find it there.

Hi all, Just a quick update on this issue. Tested on new iPad Pro 9.7 and same thing happened on mine iOS 9.5.1. Happened as soon as I rotated from portrait to landscape. Specifying PORTRAIT as orientation stopped it.

However now upgraded to 10.0.1, I hate apple upgrades, but the problem has now disappeared, which suggests that it was an iOS fault.

Bri G

thank you for verifying! will update iOS.