iPad 3 Haptic Feedback (Possibly)

It looks like the next iPad (being announced soon) might have a haptic surface — that is, the screen modulates the friction under your fingers using some electrostatic technology.


This looks like something that would be great to build into Codea. The number of ideas that spring to mind for such a system are huge. What do you think? (Check out the video in the link, it explains it well.)

What do you think yourself as an Apple developer? Do you have more concrete proof about this technology to be on iPad 3 e.g new touch API or something? How much reliable is this “prediction”? I don’t really think this technology would materialize in the next iPad 3 or whatever it will be called. Retina display, more CPU power and RAM, and Siri would be more possible. I think this haptic feedback is more appropriate for iPad 4. But, I’ll be happy if it’s available on iPad 3. :slight_smile:

Simeon, fantastic,

You can read, hear, feel your iPad and smell in the future perhaps!
Yes, indeed, a lot of possibilities.

Greetings, Dirk.nl

Thanks for the speculation and link @Simeon. I’ve also wondered about the two word sentence “And touch.” at the end of Apple’s invitation to the event. Such an addition would be amazing! I guess we will know for sure for in about 6 hours…

Edit: I suspect if there would be such an addition it would be marketed in the first place as a huge improvement to the soft keyboard…

@bee It is a bit of wild speculation — no API or anything to go on. But for some reason it feels right — if they could integrate the technology without compromising the display, and it worked well, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. It would certainly change the way we think about UIs, again.

I was thinking that any API that Apple propose might be height-map based. That is, a grayscale image represents your “texture”, perhaps with some friction multiplier. If that’s the case, it opens Codea’s APIs up to a whole new area of exploration.

I imagine modifying @frosty’s TouchLine game so the dots present more friction as the line gets smaller, and bumps your fingers every time you pick up a power-up.

The video has a cool example of a treasure hunting game where you find the treasure by feeling the land.

It doesn’t look like it will have Haptic Feedback.

What’s more I’m slightly disappointed…

Hopefully next year.

Pity no haptics this time, but it’s still an incredible update.

I’m currently debating 32GB vs 64GB whilst the store gets going again. I’m 2.5GB away from filling my current 32GB, so I’m thinking bigger might be better!

Guess not. The screen does look incredible though.

I’m going with 16GB because I don’t do much more than iBooks, Codea and Safari on iPad :slight_smile:

No Siri too :-(.
But I still LOVE it! Preordained one soon.
Edit: I was watching the keynote nd saw the dictation feature. Haha. Inagine coding with that.

32GB should be enough for anyone, right? :wink:

Haha @frosty - Not for me… I don’t have all my stuff being music. I have 3rd party apps hiding gigs and gigs of data. So hiding those docs in the cloud for my iPad is useless, but for you, maybe.

@Zoyt Yeah, I don’t keep much music or many movies on my iPad - it’s all apps and games and their data. As I said, I’m currently 2.5GB off filling 32 :confused:

Haha. You want to go? .12 GB from filling my 32 gig iPod touch.

Told you! :slight_smile: There’s no need for Apple to rush new technology. Even with iPad 2, the competitors are still playing catch-up. I suspect Siri for the new iPad might come in the next iOS update.