IP Question

So my question is, if I build a game and flog it on the app store (very unlikely because I’m a starter not a finisher…) and I use some code that’s been shared here, for instance KMEB’s rope toy, is that OK? Or have I breached KMEB’s copyright?

Do we need to classify code/snippets as creative commons to allow sharing? I think for small fun collaborative stuff the forum is brilliant, but if someone does make the million £ app do we all start suing each other?

Not being a lawyer, I would play it safe and get everyone’s permission before going to the App store. I would imagine that for small stuff posted on the forum then there is an implicit licence to use as you will, but certainly for anything of the order of a class I’d want that to be explicit.

I was involved in a similar discussion on the Q&A site http://tex.stackexchange.com which resulted in many of us placing our code in the public domain simply to avoid this issue.

My code is all licensed under the most permissive licence I could use, mostly PD but a few bits were derived from other things and so have to use their parents licence.