iOS7 Support for Game Controllers?

As some of you may remember, Apple confirmed during the summer they would support 3rd party game-controllers under iOS 7.

As we move rapidly towards the launch of iOS 7, I was wondering if theres any thoughts whether Codea will support this in the future?

An interesting article about it (from a few months ago) is here:

@Simeon , @John - whats your take on this?

Personally I think it would be a welcome addition, especially for multi-player games, and would open up lots of other possibilities. :slight_smile:

It will be a very important feature for us to support.

At the moment, parts of Codea need to be heavily re-written for iOS 7. So that is happening to the important bits first. New API features will probably come in the updates after the first iOS 7 version of Codea.

@Simeon, will the next release support iOS 7? Do you advise us not to upgrade to iOS 7 until an iOS 7-savvy version of Codea is released?

Yes, curious. as an already on IOS 7 user, I’m curious about this.

A good Bluetooth library would be a very nice addition… even if we just got a raw mapping to HID and SPP profiles, that would be a huge bonus.

@Simeon how are the iOS 7 changes going? If I upgrade my iPad to iOS 7 this week, is Codea going to be okay, or are you recommending people hold off on the upgrade?

There is no problem with iOS 7 in the runtime and app in the current and beta version. Don’t worry. I’m glad to hear they’ll be working on an iOS 7 update.