iOS 7 [off topic]

Just a note to any registered developer planning to update their iPad to iOS 7: Codea is very broken in the current build of iOS 7 for iPad. We will be fixing this before the official release, of course, but the current version is not usable.

@Simeon, on an iPad 2 WiFi iOS 7 it works fine, except for swipe to shift the caret. That is the only thing I have noticed… My version is completely usable.

@Jordan oh that’s interesting. Thank you for the info — I have only been testing in the simulator for the moment.

@Simeon I’m glad to help :slight_smile: (I am running the latest version of Codea (1.5.2 (18)))

function setup()

I’ve been using IOS 7 and haven’t had any major issues, but I can also say that I haven’t really tried to do anything tricky with Codea either. I even tested my Cider2 controls and a few Cider2 samples. I also ran something that uses textures, the camera and shaders with no issues.

Now that I’m using Codea heavily again, I’m noticing that every 3-4 test runs, Codea hangs and I have to exit it, go back into it, wait 17 seconds for it to die (it can’t init) ,then restart Codea again, sometimes wait 17 seconds again, then restart it.

So…iOS7 beta 5 and Codea aren’t playing nicely right now.

I can confirm that Codea in iOS 7 does exactly what @aciolino described. Also, I’ve noticed that when importing a sprite into Documents, Codea crashes.

Same failure with IOS 7 beta 6. It feels like a lack of effective garbage collection; every subsequent run takes a few seconds longer, but compounded, until it simply doesn’t start up within a minute.

@aciolino: it’s not just iOS 7, I’m on iOS 6 still and Codea’s stability is worse than ever. Lately I have to restart the app every 5 minutes or so (if it doesn’t crash first).

Ouch! I was hoping it’s only IOS 7! Adding lots of new features seems to be adding lots of problems. Looks like it’s time for memory profiling!

Comment on iOS 6 stability: When I was doing some networking stuff with Briarfox, I found at one point I would literally be able to use Codea for about thirty seconds, then it crashed and I had to restart it. I was able to code about one or two lines in those thirty seconds.

looks like the problem is somewhere after setup() and before the draw() calls - I can get print statements to run pretty quickly when Codea is about to die in setup(), but they dog after that.