iOS 7 [off topic]

Holy crap.



Sorry, don’t know yet :slight_smile: Was watching the live feed and got very excited! I’ll post links to info when the keynote is done.

Looks wonderful. I’m really excited by the changes they’ve made. The background processing alone is really going to shake up what’s possible.

I wonder if the sprite kit and physics features in ios7 would make a good fit into Codea?

Also, beta available today for developers :slight_smile:

This gives me so many ideas for the UI framework I’ve been working on…

Yeah, time to make a Cider update.

The short description of SpriteKit in iOS7.

Sprite Kit - The Sprite Kit framework is designed to allow developers to create high-performing 2D games, controlling sprite attributes like position, size, rotation, gravity, and mass. It includes built-in support for physics to make animations look realistic and it also includes particle systems for additional game effects.

@Mark: I know, very interesting. Sounds like they’re trying to sherlock cocos2d and Box2d/Chipmunk in one swoop.

I love the idea if integrating physics into the UI though, which they’ve done in a few places in iOS 7. In Messages, as you scroll the view up and down, all of the elements in the scroll view squish together and pull apart in response. Very cool!

@toadkick - If you read the reference material, it looks like they took cocos2d, renamed some functions and dropped it in. It’s eerily similar in the way it works.

Looks like Ricardo Quesada is impressed.

@athros: Oh man, you aren’t kidding. This is no doubt a rendering API that either copies or even wraps cocos2d, with a wrapper over Box2D. Which, IMO, is freaking awesome.

EDIT: no, you’re right, it’s like they did a global search/replace on cocos2d.

only have an ipad mini
Samsung phones are better
ios 7 is a windows phone copy
never upgrading from ios 6.1.2

LOL I have an ipad 1 and even IOS6 isn’t avaiable for it. I didn’t had a reason to upgrade to a newer modell but Codea … :wink:

@toadkick: The more I read it, the more it really does look like a global find/replace. For the time being, cocos2d is more mature…I don’t know how much longer that’s going to last though

@kingamer Obviously you’ve not really looked at iOS 7. I’ve been running the beta for a week, and it’s both nothing like Windows Phone and consistently nicer than iOS6. I’m never going back.

I’ve an Android phone (Jelly Bean), a Windows Phone, and a couple of iPhones sitting on my desk (a 4S running iOS 6 and a 5 running iOS 7 beta). The 7 beta is far and away the smoothest device to use, even with the occassional “beta bump.”

@athros: I was being a bit silly, it’s not quite a search/replace. SpriteKit and whatever the box2d wrapper is called is much more tightly integrated into UIKit, and they have changed the API in some places (mostly for the better IMO), particularly actions.

I think cocos2d-iphone will be alright. It has a new maintainer, and he’s a sharp guy; it should be in good hands. Riq has actually moved on to cocos2d-x, which is c++ based, and multiplatform. It even has a javascript layer (it used to have a Lua layer as well…not sure what the plans are for that) with the same API as cocos2d-HTML5, which means your JS code can run in a browser canvas as well (while still taking advantage of HW acceleration on platforms with native support, namely iOS and Android). I actually think this is a lot more exciting than cocos2d-iphone, and I’m pretty excited to watch it mature.

@Mark: I agree 100%. It’s rough, but by the time it comes out I think most people will agree that it’s a huge improvement.

@toadkick oh I know. I was being hyperbolic :wink: They definitely used cocos2d for inspiration, but they integrated it a lot tighter into the rest of the frameworks. I don’t know how cocos2d is going to compete going forward, so I’m watching it with a close eye.

I’ve looked at cocos2d-x - all it does is bring back nightmares. I understand why C++ is one of the premier languages, but I hate coding in in.