IOS 13.1


OK just installing 13.1 - anyone know what it offers with Codea?

@Simeon - put this in the iOS/iPadOS thread as I think it is something to do with the new OS rather than Codea. Running a project and just turning the iPad to look at different orientations and the screen stuck. Image to attach later when reduced. It was easy to get out of this by closing the project but the display definitely locked into place - could it be a result of rotation?

Sorry no photo, took a snapshot which didn’t show the effect, it had the project screen diagonally moved up across the editing screen and locked into position. Looks like the project screen bottom left corner position was changed with my touch and locked. Tried to reproduce but can’t so far.

Edit: happened again whilst I was trying to duplicate but this time the other way around. Will post you my code.

Edit: forgot to mention in the latter example I had to exit Codea as the Run stop arrow was off-screen.

Oh oh - test flight unavailable. Is this just with 13.1?

I can get into TestFlight, but I don’t have anything that needs downloading. Since you have 13.1 loaded, if you go Settings, iPad Storage and scroll all the way to the bottom, what’s the system size show. I normally don’t update to a new iOS until about 2 weeks after it comes out. Could you post any problems you run into here.

@dave1707 - that’s why I started the thread, no probs.
@Simeon - are the little graphics in the editor menus an iPadOS feature?

Not sure about the smaller app icons on the desktop screen, and dragging in other windows like 'today". I’ll probably get used to them.

@Bri_G little graphics in the editor menus?

@Simeon - yeah, little dustbin on delete etc - can’t remember them before.

Edit: sorry - can’t duplicate this, still digging.

@Simeon - found it but not in the editor - see image.

@Simeon - found it, look at attached image from new editor, dragged down tab and menu appeared with rename/delete options with appendent icons.

@Simeon - found an unusual issue. Had a tab with a class on it (the only code on that page). Moved the class to another page and deleted that tab and had errors due to the class not being found. Resolved by moving the class to the main tab. Didn’t try closing and re-running, could be an issue as may need to re-initialise project before move is recognised - whereas changes on main.lua may be picked up live.

@Bri_G ah those are the new context menus introduced in iOS 13. I have a separate code path which uses them instead of the old menus if you have iOS 13 installed

The icons are part of the operating system now, but you can choose what you want to use so I thought I’d put them in

@Bri_G will try to reproduce the ordering bug. Could be an issue with the save not happening on reorder

@Simeon - thanks for the feedback, I’m sure I’ll get used to the iOS 13 new features.

@Simeon - found an oddity on my pad with Codea. Loaded a project but didn’t use it for a while. When I went back to it the editing screen was displayed but I couldn’t get the keyboard to appear. In the end I had to close the project and restart it to edit it.

@Simeon, @John - just a quick update - iPadOS 13.2.3 just installed - both this version and 13.2.2 have recently been firing up system messages about Codea crashing (which they have several times with no apparent link on why). I have not been posting issue through that system error message just reporting them via the forum. Would you prefer me to post via the system error message or via the forum? Using Codea 3.0.1 (188).

Edit: latest iPadOS refers to file search and background file loading issues - could that be an issue with latest versions re new editor.