iOS 10 and Codea

Has anyone installed iOS 10 yet. Are there any problems with Codea.

Yes, seems to work fine for me

Hi @dave1707,

Just upgraded to iPad Pro 9.7 and upgraded almost straight away to iOS 10. Not used it much yet but did try Codea on it. Generally no problems but sometimes drops out of Codea, not sure why - probably my coding. Been using some of my older attempts from my iPad 2.

It did however get rid of the Pro change in rotation bug - which suggests to me it was an iOS problem.


All good here

Seems fine to me - been running it on iOS10 since it was released, no issues so far.

When I use the Apple pencil to write code, it is hard to move the cursor, do not know why.

Seems to work fine most of the time except for the occasional crash. I’m not sure if that’s iOS 10 or codea tho

I don’t know if this is a Codea problem or an iOS 10 problem, but I haven’t seen this before, so I would say an iOS 10 problem. I can’t recreate it, but I’ve seen it happen several times. I deleted a Codea project that I was done with, and exited Codea. I would be looking at other things and as I would swipe screens to the side, I would see the Codea screen with the project I deleted. I would swipe that screen to the top to get get rid of it. I would do other things and sometimes when I would swipe screens to the side, the Codea screen with the deleted project would show again. That has happened with several projects I deleted. Other problems I’ve seen are sometimes when I tap the Codea icon, instead of going to Codea, it goes to an iOS screen. I would have to close that screen and hit the Codea icon a second time. As far as I’m concerned, Apple just keeps screwing things up the more they add things.

What about iOS 9.3.5 & Xcode 8.0 that’s what I have