info : iexplorer alternative that works better

I was having (like many other users) big issue with iexplorer on my device with error message that I exceed the connexion limit. And I found another app : “DiskAid”
DiskAid allow me to access all my CODEA projects, and can also be use to hack (at your own risk) the application.
With this app I have no connection issue and it is even much more easy to use to navigate in CODEA app structure.
The free version is enough to handle all the CODEA related actions.
The free version can be download here :
Hope this will make life easier to some other user, as for me.

I also don’t use iExplorer, because I have to use their gui to copy the files. I use Phone Disk instead, because it mounts the Codea folder into my windows system. I could then use standard windows explorer or tools like BeyondCompare to sync the source codes. And I could edit directly on the sources on iPad with my preferred editor notepad++. But it costs around 20 bucks. How does DiskAid work, does it also mount the folder?

I use iFunbox from

Its Free and really great.

For anyone who wants to code with codea the way it was intended theres a Find and Replace app that lets you copy text then find the portion of it you want to change and change every occurence of it.

Works great as a supplement to coding with Codea on an ipad. You know for multiplayer games and stuff. Where you might want to copy and alter a portion of your code?

@rexworthrs, if you are asking for such an app, I successfully use Textastic for find and replace and then copy and paste back into Codea.

If you are suggesting an alternative app then perhaps you forgot to include the name of the app.

@Keebo The name of the app is
Find and Replace for Ipad.
But once downloaded it read Find Replace

I see now. Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks very much for the information.