In-app browser

Is there any way to have an in-app browser? And if not, is there ever gonna be an update where they add this to the app? Thanks in advance.

what about this?

function setup()

@Jmv38 Wow… That was easy ^^ Thanks!

Is there a way to play youtube video fullscreen?

@firewolf I think you would have to just use openURL to open a YouTube link, and there would be no way to force it into fullscreen.

is there a way to open an html string send from codea into the internal browser?

You can force it to open in fullscreen by using the embed code. Unfortunately though it seems that the autoplay code is blocked on iOS, so the user would have to hit play. Eg:

--# Main
function setup()
    openURL("", true) -- ?rel=0&autoplay=1 is blocked on ios

@Jmv38 I don’t think so, but maybe you could make a server that could upload the HTML for you?

@skythecoder i was wondering if codea or some other ipad app could host the server, as a local server? Some adresses (192…) refer to local wifi network.

as if there is a kind of online player which could play youtube video file?