Improving forum search?

Hi everyone!
I’ve recently become aware of the following facts:
1-There are more and more newbes to Codea.
2-There are a lot of interesting discussions on this forum that would help them.
3-I just can’t find those discussion back with the search tool, while i know they exist somewhere.
So i think we should find a solution, it’s just a waste to let things as they are…
We could for instance:
1-Switch to another forum tool?
2-Have one or a few posts on top of the forum that list the ‘best threads’ with their topic?
3-Do this but in the wiki? (but then the wiki access should be more obvious on the forum).
4-Ask the moderator to add some well chosen keywords to ‘best’ threads?
Other suggestions?


The forum search is next to useless for finding old threads. I now resort to a google search using the term to find old threads.

For example, trying to find @Vega’s excellent mesh tutorial typing “mesh tutorial” into the forum search doesn’t get anywhere near but similarly in google it appears top (mesh tutorial is the name of the thread so I’d expect the on site search to prioritise)

Compared to

I’m guessing it wouldn’t be too difficult to add a “powered by google” search to the site

Completely agree with this as well - especially as there are so many similar newbie type queries popping up on here lately (e.g meshes v sprites, importing images etc) . Maybe these popular ones (by their very nature) should be moved to the Wiki/FAQ?

Similarly, the meta-tags when you set up a new discussion generally prove to be completely useless as a search criteria when finding old stuff. I also ditched this in favour of Google search a while back.

You are correct @West: google search + twolivesleft keyword is doing the job: most results point to this forum then.

@Jvm38 typing after your search term in Google will restrict the results to only those from the twolivesleft domain

Ah! I didnt know this site:xxxx syntaxt in google.
Btw do you know how to do ‘search in these results’ in google from the ipad on safari?

.@Jvm38 sorry don’t know how to do the ‘search in these results’

Maybe we should just modify the search box to return the google results instead.

That would be great! Make sure you automatically add Mark trick then.

I recommend to use google custom search